I'm Rebecca Lichau....

...and I’ve been doing stained glass for 30 years. While working on my Master’s Degree in Art Therapy I started glass art as a hobby. It quickly became an obsession and the best therapy!

My father was a Commercial Artist in Chicago. As I was growing up, art in any form was encouraged and I learned to love it. Over the years, I explored many different mediums. However, when I began doing stained glass, I found my true love.

I enjoy the entire process, from conceptualization of the design to completion. I love the challenge of creating just the right piece of stained glass for each individual project, bringing into play the customer’s personality and interests as well as the environment into which the artwork will be displayed.

I love color. There is nothing more satisfying than the first time I
get to pick up a window and see the light shining through all the
wonderful colors. Contact me today to discuss your project.